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Phil Melugin Announces Phoenix Home Care Award SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – October 19, 2012 – Phil Melugin recently announced that the Springfield Business Journal awarded Phoenix Home Care its economic impact award.   Phil Melugin Announces Phoenix Home Care Award Springfield, Missouri, United States of America ( November 1, 2012 — Phil Melugin recently announced that [...]

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Phil Melugin and Phoenix Home Health Provide New Beginnings

Phoenix Home Care Founder/President Phil Melugin has placed a priority on meeting each client’s individual needs. Phil Melugin recognizes that each client is different, with a unique set of healthcare needs. It is this dedication to customer service that has led Phoenix Home Care to more than $19 million in earnings in just over a year in business.

One thing that sets Phoenix Home Care apart is its foundation in spirituality. Phil Melugin often quotes Isaiah 40:31, which refers to the strength that God gives those who follow His Word. “They shall mount up with wings as eagles,” the Bible says. Additionally, Isaiah 61:3 refers to giving beauty to those in mourning. Phoenix Home Health seeks to provide new beginnings to those in need.

To ensure that each employee upholds Phoenix Home Health’s mission, Phil Melugin and his staff carefully screen each job candidate. Because of the personal nature of home health services, Phil Melugin believes it’s important to find employees who have a strong moral compass and commitment to helping others.

A graduate of Wichita State University, Phil Melugin has worked in healthcare in both Kansas and Missouri. After serving seven years with Oxford Home Healthcare in Missouri, Phil Melugin moved to Springfield’s Integrity Health Care, where he oversaw care for thousands of patients.

Phil Melugin founded Phoenix Home Care to provide in-home care to patients throughout Missouri and Kansas. Among others, Phoenix Home Care offers the following services:

  • Skilled nursing—Licensed nurses provide in-home care. Phil Melugin says that this type of care is ideal for anyone who needs short-term or long-term care due to illness, injury, or recovery from surgery.
  • Physical therapy—By working with an-home therapist, Phil Melugin explains that Phoenix clients are able to regain their independence.
  • Home health aide—According to Phil Melugin, a home health aide is a skilled professional who can help with wound care, bandage changes, and even personal grooming.
  • Medical social work—This type of work provides psychosocial therapy to those in need. This may include supportive counseling and interventions, among other things, Phil Melugin says.
  • Rehabilitative therapy—After an accident or surgery, rehabilitation is crucial to promote healing. By providing this in a client’s home, Phil Melugin and the staff of Phoenix Home Health are able to help clients who cannot easily travel to medical appointments.

Phil Melugin is proud to announce that Phoenix Home Care recently won Springfield Business Journal’s economic impact award. Winning this award after being in business such a short time, says Phil Melugin, is an indication of a job well done, as well as a sign that even better things are ahead in the future.

For more information about Phoenix Home Care, visit the company’s website at or call 417-881-7442.

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